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    Two years ago, Immaculate fell in her bathroom but was not taken to the hospital for her injuries.  As a result, Immaculate was unable to perform the essential functions of daily living and instead relied on her family and neighbors for assistance.  She was unable to attend church or even venture outside for fresh air. She had only a hard stool on which to sit, and this caused her intense back pain.  However, Immaculate’s life was forever changed when Shedrack and his clinic recently fitted her for a custom wheelchair.  Now she is able to be more independent, both inside and outside the house. Most importantly, she is able to attend church services again.  Her favorite part of her new wheelchair: “The cushion is very comfortable.”

    Goodwill suffered a spinal cord injury after falling from a tree while picking baobab fruit to sell the seeds in 2002. He was hospitalized for 6 months and upon his discharge., he received a heavy weighted wheelchair which was difficult to maneuver on rough terrain. After 18 years, Goodwill received a custom fitted wheelchair through the Build-A-Chair, Save-A-Life campaign. Goodwill is now able to work and is giving back to others with his volunteer work at Kilimanjaro Association of Spinal Cord Injuries. In addition, he can experience a fuller and a more independent life because the new wheelchair enables him to be more mobile and engage in everyday activities. Goodwill says that he is “currently enjoying the wheelchair since it is not heavy, not tiring and comfortable while sitting on it unlike the other one.”

    Steve is a 21 yrs old and lives at Njia Panda Moshi. He was diagnosed with sickle cell at 5 months of age. When he was 9 yrs old, he had a stroke secondary to the sickle cell disease. He started rehabilitation in Iringa at Inuka Rehab Center.  He is being assisted by his family in self care activities.  Due to poor sitting posture, he had started to develop a deformity in the back (kyphoscoliosis).  We were able to provide him a wheelchair just in time because that deformity became rigid (it is flexible to normal); which means the wheelchair will help to correct it!  Also, the wheelchair gives him dignity because he is a grown up man now and the family members used to carry him but now they use the wheelchair.  Honestly, that smile says it all!

    Due to cancer, Calister lost her leg earlier this year and could not afford to purchase a wheelchair.  Life without a wheelchair has been very difficult for Calister a farmer, because she has been unable to go outdoors and therefore lost her livelihood. Even though, she will not be able to go back to farming, Calister is able to resume all household chores and plans on starting a small business after she completes her rehabilitation program.

    Laurencia suffered a spinal cord injury when she fell from a tree 20 years ago. Upon her hospital discharge, she was given a wheelchair which was not appropriately fitted and resulted in painful pressure ulcers. Laurencia depended on her family to assist her with daily activities such as self- care and independence. Now, with a wheelchair she is able to be more independent and no longer feels as though she is a burden to her family.

    Paul has a spinal cord injury from a fall when he was repairing a roof. He has been hospitalized for more than 5 years due to medical complications and is finally in rehab. Paul just received a wheelchair from the Keystone International Rotary E-Club Build-A-Chair fundraiser and Shedrack fitted it to his body frame and needs. He also has a special cushion to help alleviate the pain from the pressure ulcers he contracted from his lengthy hospital stay.

    John Lameck is an upbeat 22-year-old who lives in Mbokomu, Moshi. He suffered a brain injury in 2015 after getting in a motorcycle accident and was taken to Mawenzi hospital and later referred to KCMC hospital for further management. John currently lives with his parents as he depends on his family for selfcare. When we were assessing John, we saw the wheelchair he was using for mobility and support was very old and damaged since he used it for a long time without repair. Also the wheelchair is too big for him and spare parts are not available in Tanzania. So he had to sit on a chair which doesn’t give him good postural support. We offered him a customized chair to fit his body and condition. During the day of delivery John’s mother was very grateful, and thankful to see that her son will be sitting again without problems and able to go outside the house even to the hospital for therapy sessions. I think his face says it all!

    We feel as though we know Amate already from the video that was shared of his homemade wheelchair. Recently Amate was the recipient of a new, custom made wheelchair made locally in Moshi, Tanzania. Amate is a 62-year-old man who lives in Rombo, Tanzania. He was affected with polio in both legs. He was crawling to get from place to place until he made himself a wheelchair out of wood. It was not comfortable or good for his body, yet it was the only way he could get to and from work, about 12 km of travel per day! He is a shoemaker and has been using the homemade device for about ten years. When we provided him a wheelchair, he was so happy he almost shed tears. The day of delivery for his wheelchair was very emotional. Amate was very happy and thankful when he saw his new wheelchair. He said, “Now all my troubles have finished since I will be able to go to any place without any worries and do my work comfortably.”

    Meet Gasto! Gasto is a 38 yrs old man who lives in Sanya Juu Moshi. He used to be a driver of a public minibus and got in an accident on 23/2/2018 and sustained a spinal cord injury. He was admitted at KCMC hospital and spent four months in the hospital. In the hospital he was trained to use a wheelchair but was not provided a wheelchair when he was discharged. On the day of delivery we did not take long to train him as he already knew how to use a wheelchair. After receiving the wheelchair Gasto says he is planning to go and meet his fellow drivers and he hopes that they will be able to employ him to help with registering the daily trips of the buses. We are happy that finally the wheelchair will help him to go back to earning a living and being part of his community!

    Irene is a 16-year-old girl, who lives at Olgilai Arusha. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was 3 years old. When we visited her the first time, she had no wheelchair and her parents said that she just sits on a chair outside her house. She can eat with assistance, play and interact with others, but can’t talk. The new wheelchair will help her caregivers and most importantly, will allow Irene to sit more comfortably, be able to go to the playground, and interact with her peers and other people in the community. During the delivery of the wheelchair, the family, their pastor and neighbors were really happy to see it and very thankful. Last Sunday was the first Sunday she went to church after more than 6 years since her mother was no longer able to carry her from their home to church. A happy day for all!

    Ezekiel is a 4-year-old boy who lives at Olgilai Arusha. He was born at Mt. Meru hospital and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He currently lives with his parents on whom he relies to do everything. Due to his condition, he used to go to Sibusiso in Arusha for rehabilitation services where he received a corner chair (an outdated type of postural support chair where you have to fit the child into the chair). The EPT team conversely fits the chair to the individual by doing an assessment. After receiving our wheelchair, Ezekiel is now able to sit upright to a suitable feeding position, does not need to be carried anymore from place to place and can spend more time outdoors around friends. The family is truly grateful to EPT and Rotary for making this big improvement in their child’s life.

    Elihaika is a 7 yrs old girl who lives at Njia Panda, Moshi. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at a very young age and has been receiving physiotherapy services ever since. At the moment, Elihaika can eat with assistance, can’t talk but she is able to interact with other kids. She lives with her mother and during the day her grandmother takes care of her while her mother is at work. When we first visited her, she didn’t have a wheelchair for support and mobility and was crawling with her bottom and used to sit on a stool or lay in bed. On the day of the wheelchair delivery, her mother was very happy. She said that now that Elihaika has her own wheelchair, it will help her with support and also give her more chance to do other activities around the house and in the community.

    Lucy is a 21 year old young woman who lives in Arusha. She was diagnosed with diastematomyelia, a very rare condition which leads to longitudinal splitting of the spinal cord. She received physiotherapy for a while but in 2015 she started experiencing weakness in her legs and the sessions stopped mainly because of expenses. She switched to home exercises with the help of her relatives. Her condition progressed and she is now unable to walk and has lost strength in her arms. Lucy is a university student at IAA University in Arusha and traveling back and forth has become a challenge. After receiving our wheelchair, Lucy’s quality of life has greatly improved. She says school life is now easier with the wheelchair because and her friends no longer need to carry her. She typically stayed in the classroom all day long until her uncle would come to pick her up. With the wheelchair, Lucy no longer stays in one class all day long and she is able to access most areas of the university. Since the desks at her universities cannot accommodate a wheelchair, we attached a special tray/desk so her wheelchair is also her desk at school!  Mobility is truly transforming lives!

    Samuel is a 10 year old boy who lives on Olgilai, Arusha. He was born at Mt. Meru hospital were he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He currently does not engage in much activity or movement, mainly spending his days at home. After receiving our wheelchair, his parents said that this will make it easy now for him to go outside of the house.  The wheelchair also provides him with the proper postural support, which is therapy for him. He is now in a better position to learn how to use his hands but also the upright position is more appropriate for feeding which reduces the risk of choking. Choking is a major problem for children with cerebral palsy because it leads to pneumonia, which is a one of the major causes of death. His parents said that now Samuel will be able stay outside by himself since he is well supported, and more importantly, he can play with other kids. His ability to get stronger and spend time outdoors with other children also provides time for his parents to work around the home and be more economically sound.

    Gibson is a 23 year old man who lives in Tabora Igunga. In 2015 he started feeling numbness which started below the chest to the legs and went to Muhimbili Hospital however the symptoms disappeared later.  A few months later, the symptoms reappeared and he went to Ocean Road Hospital where he was diagnosed with cancer and received chemotherapy 10 times. After treatment, he went home but could not walk again and used a wheelchair that was given by someone who he met in Ocean Road although the chair wasn’t suitable enough to meet his needs. Currently at  home, he is not in a position to work and gets support from his family.  Since his wheelchair was not suitable to meet his demand, he contacted us and we offered him a wheelchair custom made for him. Upon delivery of the wheelchair, Gibson was so thankful and happy since from now he can go outdoors and look for employment. Thanks to Rotary and EPT Clinic for making this happen!

    Mwajuma is a 37 year old woman living in Mbokomu, Moshi. She was in an accident in 2015 which left her with a spinal cord injury. She was admitted to KCMC hospital for 7 months. She had a wheelchair which did not work well as it was not fit for the rough terrain in her environment and there were no spare parts to fix the wheelchair when it needed repairing. This wheelchair was also too heavy and very difficult to propel. After providing her with a custom designed wheelchair specifically for the rough terrain, she was very happy and with a big smile in her face she said, “I am very thankful for this wheelchair since I can go anywhere and continue doing my home activities.” The family was very excited, thankful and happy to see Mwajuma in her new wheelchair, knowing that it will give her the ability to live a different life and actively participate in her community.

    Mohamed is a 65 year old man who lives in Majengo, Moshi. He was diagnosed with polio at the age of 7. He underwent surgery in his left leg in 1988 at KCMC hospital. After surgery, he received a wheelchair and continued doing his activities one of which was teaching Electronics in Moshi. Unfortunately, Mohamed lost his job in 2016. Currently, he relies on help from friends and sometimes he does day work. After receiving the locally made wheelchair, Mohamed said, “I am very thankful for the wheelchair since it will help me a lot in going outside to find income even in farther places as this wheelchair is not as heavy as the previous, easier to propel and more comfortable”. His previous wheelchair was broken beyond repair and difficult to use.  Te new wheelchair will assist Mohamed in his job search and help him to continue to be a productive member of his community.

    Henry is a 68 old man who lives in Uchira, Moshi. He was diagnosed with polio in 1954 and his parents took him to Mawenzi Hospital but he didn’t get treatment and was told his condition had no cure. Henry continued living with his condition and he acquired shoe making skills which provide him with income along with support from family and friends. When we approached him, he did not use a wheelchair and crawled on the ground to get from place to place. We saw a great need to help him get a wheelchair and we took measurements and were ready for production. We delivered him his wheelchair and it was a very joyous day! He was happy and thankful for our support and said that he will now be able to live his life in a better way and get out and about.  A new life for Henry!

    Samuel is a 92 year old man who lives in Sanya Juu, Moshi. About one year ago, Samuel started to become frail and now he is unable to walk and has been spending most of his time in bed. He lives with his wife and children who take care of him.  The wheelchair he received from us will help him to get out of the house. When he was fitted to his wheelchair and came outside, he clapped his hands and said, “Finally I am out of prison”. We were all clapping and laughing along with him. His family is so happy to see how the wheelchair is benefiting him. Please know that your support of our work in Tanzania is changing lives!

    Perpetua is an 89 year old woman who lives in Sanya Juu, Moshi. She suffered a pelvic fracture due to a fall and was treated at KCMC hospital. After she was discharged, she was unable to walk because of a combination of the injury and her advanced age. We found her in bed where she has been for more than five years. Due to her condition, her relatives, mainly her daughter, assist her with her daily needs. We provided her a wheelchair and that was her first time she had been out of the house in more than five years. She said that she cannot wait to go to church again because the wheelchair will help her to do so. No matter the age, lives can be transformed and people’s circumstances can change. The Power of Mobility!

    Sike is a 50 year old man who lives in Masama. He was diagnosed with congenital malformations at a very young age. Due to the shape of his feet, getting from place to place was a big challenge. Currently he is being supported by his family and friends for his needs.  When we first met Mr. Sike, we all noticed his big smile! He was happy and grateful for our assistance.  You can see that this wheelchair was custom built to meet his needs. He has become very comfortable with getting around and is now able to meet with people in his community and live a life with friends around him.

    Aloyce is a 53 year old man who lives at Rau Moshi. He got a spinal cord injury after falling while he was carrying luggage in 1993. He then went to KCMC hospital where he received treatment for one year and 2 months and was discharged. During his stay at home he was using a hospital wheelchair.  He now runs a business from his home. During our visit to his home, we saw his need for a wheelchair since the current one was not meeting his needs. We took measurements for a new one and the shop began to build a wheelchair specifically designed to meet his needs. On the day of delivery, Mr. Mrema was so happy and thankful for having a new wheelchair since it will help him with his daily activities.

    Edna is  a 72 year old woman who lives at Boma Ng’ombe and was diagnosed with diabetes in 2017. She then had a diabetic foot ulcer which led to her right foot being amputated. After that she came home and tried to use some crutches for mobility but she is too frail for crutches. Her neighbor gave her a wheelchair but it was not possible for her to use it because it was broken and needed repairing.  She currently  lives with her son who takes care of her, and provides her with basic needs. When she received a wheelchair from Rotary, she was so happy and excited to have it and sent many thanks out way and so did her son and their neighbors. She said the first thing she is planning to do is go to church which she hasn’t done for a very long time!

    Erick is 25 years old. He lives in Moshi. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at a very young age. Currently he lives with his grandmother and aunt who take care of him.  His parents are separated and grandmother noted that his parents do not provide financial support for Erick’s care. He did not have a wheelchair and used to crawl to get around. On the day of delivery, in spite of his challenges, Erick recognized that the wheelchair was his and he came right away trying to get into the wheelchair! He was so excited, even though he can’t speak, one could tell how happy and grateful he was for the wheelchair. His grandmother was happy too and she said now Erick will be able to go outdoors without any problem and interact with other people, and that the wheelchair is a relief not just for Erick but for the whole family.

    In February 2020, Shaban sustained a spinal cord injury from a car accident and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  Upon discharge from the hospital, Shaban did not have access to a wheelchair of his own. Thankfully, Shedrack Domingo, Physical Therapist and fellow Rotarian was able to provide Shaban with a wheelchair of his own through the Epignosis Physiotherapy Clinic in Moshi, Tanzania.  With a big smile on his face, Shaban said, “I thought I will never go out again, but now the wheelchair is my legs.”
    Keystone International Rotary E-Club is proud that Shaban is the first recipient of our Build-A-Chair, Save-A-Life campaign.

    Apolnaly is 84 years old living in Rombo –Kilimanjaro. He is diagnosed with stroke and is now unable to walk thus spending most of the time indoors for about a year. Because of prolonged sleep, recently he developed a problem of not being able to bend his knees. Good news is that we found him in time; sitting in a wheelchair will prevent his knees from becoming stiff in extension. During the delivery he was happy and thankful that now he will be able to move outside the house.Keystone International Rotary E-Club is proud that Shaban is the first recipient of our Build-A-Chair, Save-A-Life campaign.

    Isaya who is over the age of 90 is living in Majengo Moshi. He has difficulty in living since his body is too weak and as the days go on his physical condition gets worse. This limits him attending community service such as church service which was his major concern.  He spends most of the time indoors. When the wheelchair was delivered to him he was very happy and thankful and is excited to go to church the following Sunday. His family was also happy because the burden of taking care of him will be less.

    Justine is a 15 year old boy who has cerebral palsy. He lives at Bomang’ombe with his mother and a younger brother of 1 year and 6 months Due to Justine’s disability his father abandoned the family which gives mother a great burden to take care of the family. His Mother shared that it is very difficult  to carry Justine as he is grownup and heavy to carry .The boy has difficulty in joining with other children to play since he doesn’t have a wheelchair to mobilize. During the wheelchair delivery child’s mother was happy and thankful that her child will be able to go outside the house and play with other children while she is also doing other domestic chores.

    Elia Eladius Shayo is a 14 years old boy from Usseri-Rombo, who has cerebral palsy. His mother’s labor pain started at home, there was a delay to go to hospital and by the time she reached the hospital, Elias’s brain was already affected due oxygen deficiency (birth asphyxia). Due to that he has not been able to attain most developmental milestones including ability to sit, stand or walk. He had been using a homemade chair to support him; our assessment revealed that the chair was doing more harm than good, thus worsening his disability. We made him a wheelchair with appropriate postural support features. Upon delivery his brother who requested the wheelchair, was overwhelmed with joy. “God bless you, I have unexplainable joy. May God increase your wisdom and knowledge” said his brother. That is a message to all who donated for the wheelchair. Due to heavy rains it was a bit challenging to get to his house, our car was stuck in the mud several times but we finally made it to his house. The whole family was so happy; his father was so keen to learn on how to use the wheelchair and how to do minor repair and maintenance. Beside his inability to speak, we could tell that Elia was grateful; he had a big smile on his face when he got on the wheelchair.