Build-A-Chair Project

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In February 2020, Shaban sustained a spinal cord injury from a car accident and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  Upon discharge from the hospital, Shaban did not have access to a wheelchair of his own. Thankfully, Shedrack Domingo, Physical Therapist and fellow Rotarian was able to provide Shaban with a wheelchair of his own through the Epignosis Physiotherapy Clinic in Moshi, Tanzania.  With a big smile on his face, Shaban said, “I thought I will never go out again, but now the wheelchair is my legs.”
Keystone International Rotary E-Club is proud that Shaban is the first recipient of our Build-A-Chair, Save-A-Life campaign.

Two years ago, Immaculate fell in her bathroom but was not taken to the hospital for her injuries.  As a result, Immaculate was unable to perform the essential functions of daily living and instead relied on her family and neighbors for assistance.  She was unable to attend church or even venture outside for fresh air. She had only a hard stool on which to sit, and this caused her intense back pain.  However, Immaculate’s life was forever changed when Shedrack and his clinic recently fitted her for a custom wheelchair.  Now she is able to be more independent, both inside and outside the house. Most importantly, she is able to attend church services again.  Her favorite part of her new wheelchair: “The cushion is very comfortable.”

Goodwill suffered a spinal cord injury after falling from a tree while picking baobab fruit to sell the seeds in 2002. He was hospitalized for 6 months and upon his discharge., he received a heavy weighted wheelchair which was difficult to maneuver on rough terrain. After 18 years, Goodwill received a custom fitted wheelchair through the Build-A-Chair, Save-A-Life campaign. Goodwill is now able to work and is giving back to others with his volunteer work at Kilimanjaro Association of Spinal Cord Injuries. In addition, he can experience a fuller and a more independent life because the new wheelchair enables him to be more mobile and engage in everyday activities. Goodwill says that he is “currently enjoying the wheelchair since it is not heavy, not tiring and comfortable while sitting on it unlike the other one.”

Due to cancer, Calister lost her leg earlier this year and could not afford to purchase a wheelchair.  Life without a wheelchair has been very difficult for Calister a farmer, because she has been unable to go outdoors and therefore lost her livelihood. Even though, she will not be able to go back to farming, Calister is able to resume all household chores and plans on starting a small business after she completes her rehabilitation program.

Laurencia suffered a spinal cord injury when she fell from a tree 20 years ago. Upon her hospital discharge, she was given a wheelchair which was not appropriately fitted and resulted in painful pressure ulcers. Laurencia depended on her family to assist her with daily activities such as self- care and independence. Now, with a wheelchair she is able to be more independent and no longer feels as though she is a burden to her family.

Paul has a spinal cord injury from a fall when he was repairing a roof. He has been hospitalized for more than 5 years due to medical complications and is finally in rehab. Paul just received a wheelchair from the Keystone International Rotary E-Club Build-A-Chair fundraiser and Shedrack fitted it to his body frame and needs. He also has a special cushion to help alleviate the pain from the pressure ulcers he contracted from his lengthy hospital stay.