If you have a question that is not answered here, please go to our contact page and let us know.


Can I attend a meeting as a guest?2022-12-12T02:30:51+00:00

Absolutely, please email us at KeystoneRotaryConnects@gmail.com and we will send you the link and instructions to join us at an upcoming meeting!

How can I apply for membership in the Keystone E-Club?2022-12-14T01:29:29+00:00
  1. Complete an application – Submit it to KeystoneRotaryConnects@gmail.com
  2. Log in and join our meetings at any time
  3. Our Club Board of Directors will review your application and contact you to answer any questions.  They will review the responsibilities of becoming a Rotarian and clarify your interest and understanding of Rotary.
  4. Payment of Membership Dues $125/year
  5. New Member Orientation

It’s simple and easy and important!

Contact Darla Motta, President 2019-20, with any questions at KeystoneRotaryConnects@gmail.com  or call/text  (724)458-8822.

Do Members have to attend every meeting?2019-10-04T13:25:12+00:00

Absolutely not!  We obviously encourage our Members to attend meetings as often as possible, but we understand with family and work schedules it’s impossible to attend every meeting.

We tape many of our meetings and post them for Members to watch at a later time if possible.

When do we meet?2022-12-12T02:31:21+00:00

Our Club meets online every Thursday at 2pm (Eastern Standard Time). Members receive an email update every week identifying the program for the week and are encouraged to log in as often as possible.

Meetings are often recorded and posted on our website for members to watch at a later time if they were unable to attend the regular meeting.

How much does it cost?2019-10-04T13:19:07+00:00

There is no cost to attend our meeting.  To become a Member and join our Rotary Club, we have an annual dues of $125.00 that includes your District and International Dues.