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I live in Dallas, Texas with my wife, Amanda, and our 5 year old son, Elijah. We enjoy going to movies, taking hikes, swimming, and taking our dog on walks. I was born and raised in Warren, Pennsylvania and graduated from Slippery Rock University in 2010. I have been in Texas since 2013 and am enjoying it very much.

Guest Speaker: Jamieson Gordon on March for Life

March for Life - Jamieson Gordon Darla invited her good friend, Jamieson Gordon, to be our guest speaker today. Jamieson is a 2017 graduate of Grove City College. She is Married and resides in Ohio and is the Director of Communications and Marketing at Ohio Right to Life. Jamieson shared the 45 year [...]

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Guest Speaker: David Talbot on Crutches 4 Africa

Crutches 4 Africa - David Talbot David Talbot, founder of Crutches 4 Africa, is on a mission to provide mobility devices to the millions of people that would otherwise never have the freedom of mobility. "Mobility should be free." - David Talbot Resources: http://www.crutches4africa.org/

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Guest Speaker: Tom Grant on End Polio Now

End Polio Now - Tom Grant Tom and Marie Grant Tom has joined us in that past as a guest speaker with regards to his great work leading the Shelter Box Program for our District.  Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Tom, and his wife Marie, regarding his personal battle with [...]

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Guest Speaker: Chris Motta

Medical Disaster Response - Chris Motta When a man made disaster like 9/11 happens or a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane hits, there are many teams deployed by our Government to assist in the USA and even sometimes abroad.  Chris Motta, although having a full-time job as a Nurse Practitioner in [...]

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We are Close!

The video in this article is from 2017, and is just as true today as it was then. Rotary has a mission to eradicate polio and Rotarians are excited to help in this momentous challenge. Please take about 15 minutes to watch this video and take a trip over to https://www.endpolio.org/ to learn more about ending [...]

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Speaker: Cameron Suorsa

Té Amo - Cameron Suorsa Last week we had a great presentation from our newest member, Cameron Suorsa.  Cameron is a Grove City College Student and also a member of the campus Rotaract Club.  As an intern, Cameron has spent the summer assisting a fellow GCC Student, Mark Sotomayor, raise funds and marketing [...]

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Guest Speaker: Buchi Akpeh of Rotary eClub One

Rotary eClub One - Buchi Akpeh Buchi Akpeh, past president of Rotary eClub One, spoke to our club about the challenges and success that he experienced with a Rotary e-Club. He spoke about how eClub One, the first eClub in Rotary, came to be. It was a long process and was officially chartered in [...]

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Guest Speaker: George Dimitriadis

International Trade G. Dimitriadis The International Trade G. Dimitriadis founded in Cyprus in early 2013. We are based in Larnaca one of the major centers of the island. Engaged in international trade in imports and exports, offering a wealth of services to businesses and entrepreneurs wishing to develop trade relations with us. Our [...]

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Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Gowing

Elizabeth Gowing was our guest speaker on April 6th, 2018. She presented her passion for helping others and making a positive impact in our world. The Idea Partnership is on a mission to "Helping others. Helping others help themselves. Helping others help others." Elizabeth Gowing is an educator and writer. After ten years working [...]

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Guest Speaker: Barry Kressinger

Guest Speaker: Barry Kressinger Meeting overview: Barry Kressinger gave an excellent presentation on the impact of Rotary had on him and his journey to impact the world. Barry found himself feeling down on life. He then found Rotary, an international organization to help him see some hope in his life by giving hope to others [...]

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